Project Performance

Predictable Project Performance®

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Our Predictable Project Performance® consulting service uses our proprietary "Lean Project Startup" method to clearly define the business value to be delivered by each project and the project's vision. This answers the question "why are we doing this project?" We also identify and engage key project stakeholders and impacted systems and groups to elicit their support. This answers the question "can we do this project?" Our lean project startup process ensures your project is setup for success and is ready for smooth execution. It also ensures that a common vision guides consistent decision making throughout your project and assures business value from beginning to end. We can also provide a project team to execute your project. Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and request a quote.


We also offer our 6SigmaPM® business management services to measure and track the Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs") of project success. Contact Us to discuss your specific needs and request a quote or click here to  to register for our companion service.


Determine reasons why your project will or will not be completed on time.


Determine reasons why your project will or will not be completed on budget.


Determine reasons why all of your functionality will or will not be delivered.


Determine reasons why your functionality will or will not meet quality expectations

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Determine reasons why your stakeholder expectations will or will not be met.